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Droppin Science Vol. 1: Real Hip-Hop
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Droppin Science Vol. 1: Real Hip-Hop

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Included files: one (1) 70 min mp3 file with embedded Album Art (for mp3 player)

The 411 on Droppin Science #1 :
The Dropping Science mix series is for the diehard, true to form Hip-Hop Lover!!! REAL MCs, REAL TALK, REAL BEATS, REAL DJ SKILLS, etc.!!! If you like raps that actually talk about a wide variety of topics (not just the obligatory sex, drugs, violence, materialism, and misogyny that you are bombarded with in the mainstream), then you will love this first offering from the DS series of mixes. Don't just peep the playlist, listen to a snippet of the mix and judge for yourself. More offerings to come...

This mix is ideal for putting yourself and others in a bona fide Hip-Hop state of mind! Put this mix in your iPod and take it to the gym as the pounding basslines move you through your Hip-Hop inspired workout! Download the mix, burn it to CD, then pop it in your whip!! You'll be doing the infamous "head knod" up and down the highway!! Pop the CD into your changer at home, especially if you are having a cipher!! The various topics will be fodder for some stimulating conversation. Oh, we suggest that you keep the mix under close watch because your homies will want to "borrow" it from you...possibly without asking!! That's REAL TALK because it has happened. Don't say we didn't warn you!! Enjoy....


1) "Funk Soul Sensation" - Jemini The Gifted One
2) "Wrong Side of The Tracks" - Artifacts
3) "MCs Act Like They Don't Know" - KRS-ONE
4) "Time's Up" - O.C.
5) "One, Two, Sh*t" - A Tribe Called Quest
6) "One In A Million" - Pete Rock/CL Smooth
7) "Lazy Afternoon" - The Roots
8) "Proceed" - The Roots
9) "99.9%" - Gangstarr - Jeru The Damaja
10) "Ya Playin Yaself" Jeru The Damaja
11) "You Know My Steez" - Gangstarr
12) "Let's Get It On" - Smiff-n-Wesson
13) "Bucktown" - Smiff-n-Wesson
14) "Liquid Swords" - The Gza
15) "Un-believeable" - The Notorious B.I.G
16) "Clap Your Hands" - A Tribe Called Quest
17) "Get Down (Re-mix)" - Craig Mack
18) "We Got It Hemmed" - Cella Dwellas
17) "Fast Life (Re-mix)" - Kool G Rap/Nas
18) "Deadly Combination" - Tupac/Big L
19) "Represent" - Nas
20) "The World Is Yours" - Nas
21) "Rainy Dayz" - Raekwon/Ghostface
22) "Shook Ones" - Mobb Deep b/w "Flava in Ya Ear"
23) "Madd Izm" - Channel Live/KRS-ONE
24) "Code Of The Streets" - Gangstarr
25) "Investigative Reports" - The Gza/Raekwon
26) "Gunn Clap" - OGC
27) "Lefleur Leflah" - Heltah Skeltah/OGC
28) "Definition" - Black Starr
29) "Sittin On Chrome" - Masta Ace
30) "Jeep Ass Nigga" - Masta Ace
31) "Nas Is Like" - Nas
32) "Full Clip" - Gangstar
33) "Mass Appeal" - Gangstar
34) "Just To Get A Rep" - Gangstar
34) "Take The Weight" - Gangstar

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