Flashback Vol. 8: 90s Hip-Hop

Flashback Vol. 9: 90s Hip-Hop continued
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Flashback Vol. 9: 90s Hip-Hop continued

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Included files: one (1) 70 min mp3 file with embedded Album Art (for mp3 player)

The 411:
Once again, this one is for all of my HIP-HOP LOVERS!!! With artists like 2 Pac, Ice Cube, EPMD, Redman, Rakim, etc., you KNOW that this isn’t some watered down, cookie-cutter sh*t! This is some of the best commercial music from the 90s…before “Commercial” got a bad rep! This mix is definitely PARTY STYLE!! I flex a bit at the beginning, showing some of my seasoned DJ skills…without going overboard though! Real Headz shall feel me on this!! Over 60 minutes of non-stop HIP-HOP!!

Playing suggestions:
Again, combine this mix with the other Flashback mixes from the 90s and you’ll have a SLAMMIN’ 90s R&B and Hip-Hop party. Pop it in the whip and be that Parking Lot Pimp with the ill mix from back in the day! Also makes for excellent riding music for road trips or a work out tape at the gym if you want to embark upon some Hip-Hopercise!


1) "2 of Americaz Most Wanted" - 2Pac/Snoop
2) "Who Got Da Props" - Black Moon
3) "So Whatcha Sayin" - EPMD
4) "Check Yourself" - Ice Cube
5) "The Rhytm" - Kwame
6) "Chief Rocka" - LOTUG
7) "How I Could Just Kill A Man" - Cypress Hill
8) "METHOD MAN"- Method Man
9) "The Choice Is Yours" - Black Sheep
10) "Time 4 Sum Aksion" - Redman
11) "Scenario (Remix)" - A Tribe Called Quest
12) "Protect Your Neck" - Wu Tang Clan
13) "Humpty Dance" - Digital Underground
14) "Sobb Story" - LONS
15) "Uptown Anthem" - Naughty By Nature
16) "Luck of Lucien" - A Tribe Called Quest
17) "Looking at The Front Door" - Main Source
18) "Funky Lemonade" - Chi Ali
19) "Party Groove" - Showbiz & AG
20) "Soul Clap" - Showbiz & AG
21) "Jump Around (Remix)" - House of Pain/Pete Rock
22) "Don't Sweat the Technique" - Rakim
23) "Case of the PTA" - LONS
24) "Ladies First" Queen Latifah/Monie Love
25) "Ya Bad Chubbs" Chubb Rock
26) "Caught Up" - Chubb Rock
27) "Youthful Expression" - A Tribe Called Quest
28) "Jingling Baby" - LL Cool J
29) "Ownlee Eue" - Kwame
30) "The Creator" - Pete Rock/CL Smooth
32) "Know The Ledge" – Rakim

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